Lowell is Getting Its Groove Back

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Change is coming to this city and change is looking pretty great. With major revitalization projects underway, Lowell’s downtown footprint is expanding with new opportunities on the horizon.

On the tipping point of transformation, construction has started on a new, energy efficient courthouse, restoration has begun at the Hamilton Canal District and a new mixed-use development is already in the works, not to mention updates being made to the local transportation system and stations. With so much on horizon, we are giving you a glimpse of the three biggest projects changing Lowell’s landscape. 

Lowell Judicial Center. The new multi-department courthouse will be a model for energy-efficient civic buildings and is on-target to be completed at the end of 2019. Replacing two outdated state-owned courthouses, the cutting-edge facility will be constructed for the Superior, District, Probate & Family, Juvenile and Housing Courts of Middlesex County. Visitors will enter through an atrium displaying public art that reflects Lowell’s history and heritage but it’s what you can’t see that makes this building so incredible. Designed to minimize the use of energy drawn from utility grids, the courthouse is expected receive a LEED-platinum rating and will feature a chilled beam HVAC system, photo-voltaic panels, and sophisticated building systems controls.

The Hamilton Canal Innovation District. Located in the heart of Lowell, this project is set to double the size of downtown by connecting Gallagher Terminal and the Lowell Connector with the Arts District and major event venues. So far it has added an additional lane to Thorndike Street between where the Lord Overpass and the Lowell Connector begin. This commercial complex is set to broaden the population of creative professionals across one million square feet of new construction.

Thorndike Exchange. The perfect blend of historic preservation and modernization, Thorndike Exchange is transforming an old mill space into a thriving mixed-use community. Poised to become a vibrant live-work-play environment, it will be home to distinctive residences that preserve the historic charm in a modern, high-quality, sustainably built environment as well as the latest in commercial space. And they are already pre-leasing office space with flexible layouts in this luxury mill building. So, if you are looking for a new location for your home or company where you can customize your own space, click here to get started.