Girls Inc. of Lowell Graduate

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Lupoli Companies partnered with Girls, Inc. of Lowell on an educational outreach program that utilized the Thorndike Exchange project as the framework for an 8-week real estate workshop designed to inspire these girls to be smart, strategic and bold.

Each week, Karen McShea, Vice President of Real Estate Development, opened the doors to the Thorndike Exchange, inviting the girls in to learn all facets of development from concept to completion with a curriculum centered around Branding, Marketing, Leasing, Engineering and Construction. Lupoli Companies’ senior female professionals guidied them from architecture to engineering to marketing and branding and all the way through leasing and property management, they illustrated how each step along the way is important and vital to the overall success of the project.

Director of Brand Vision at Lupoli Companies, Jaime Chemaly, taught the girls all there is to know about developing a brand and how a brand works. Jaime compared a brand to a human finger print, saying each one is different and contains unique characteristics that make it its own. 

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They also discovered how essential marketing and communications can be to grow a business.Director of Marketing and Communications, Paula Doucette explained how positioning your brand as a unique and exceptional product or service within an industry combines with innovative strategies and consistent communication of the company’s message to bring about sales success. 

Shaw Rosen, VP of Residential Real Estate, then shared the keys to running a successful residential complex. She explained that the goal is to rent apartments for the best rent possible, keep them occupied, take proper care of the building and most importantly continue to make it a community where people want to live.  

Each week, the girls translated these teachings into real-life examples by creating their own properties and taking what they learned to brand, market and get their spaces ready for leasing.And now they have all received their Exchange Experience Career Certificate in Commercial Real Estate!

We have loved the opportunity to work with these incredible girls, we hope they learned as much from us we learned from them.