Girls Incorporated of Lowell Week 8


On Friday August 25th our Girls Inc. class at the Thorndike Exchange Experience Center focused on what it means to be a leasing representative for the Thorndike Exchange project with an emphases on residential leasing. Tiana Winter explained to the girls that as a leasing consultant she interacts with potential and existing residential tenants on behalf of the landlord. There are a number of ways to attract leads for potential tenants, including print, online marketing through the property website and listing services, social media and word of mouth. It is Tiana’s job to turn those leads into applicants who in turn sign a lease. But even before a resident signs a lease there are many necessary steps in the approval process. Tiana has to authenticate their background and their ability to pay rent by collecting photo ID’s and pay stubs, running a background check, collecting references and determining income qualifications. Once the applicant is approved Tiana has to create the lease, obtain signatures from all parties and collect a security deposit. There are additional responsibilities required from a leasing representative that include customer service, tenant communications, planning community events and lease renewals.


In this weeks project the girls were given a tenant profile and asked to come up with a sales pitch based on the tenant’s description and earnings statement. They were also given various floor plans that included pricing. The girls had to determine the needs of their tenant and if they are able to afford to lease an apartment at Thorndike Exchange based on these needs and income status. They also had to develop ideas for three events that would keep their prospect excited about living at Thorndike Exchange. At the end of the exercise the girls presented their ideas to the group. It was fun to hear about the various and original ideas the girls came up with.


This week class focused on what it takes to be a residential leasing representative. There was also a special visitor that took center stage a number of times. One of the stars of “The Vibe”, Thondike’s interactive video came to visit the girls. Karen McShea’s, VP of Development for Thorndike Exchange, Black Labrador Retriever , Digby, was a special guest for week eights class. Digby was a very good boy and the girls enjoyed meeting and giving him special attention.

Tuesday, August 29 will usher in the final class of the Exchange Experience program. The class will focus on interior design and they will be decorating the interior of the model apartments they built 2 weeks ago.