Girls Incorporated of Lowell Week 4


Tuesday, August 1st, marked the halfway point of the 8-week Girls Inc. education program at Thorndike’s Experience Center. This week’s lesson focused on Marketing and Communications, taught by Paula Doucette, Director of Marketing and Communications at Lupoli Companies. The girls really immersed themselves into the class, raising their hands to answer questions posed by Paula and offering creative insights to the discussion. Paula continued to reinforce the idea that there is an abundance of departments and teams that come together to make a Real Estate Development successful. Marketing and Communications are essential because in order to grow a business it comes down to the ability to position your brand as a unique and exceptional product or service within an industry. Innovative strategies and consistent communication of the company’s message combine to bring about sales success. Paula explained to the girls that in her role at Lupoli Companies, success hinges on persuading significant numbers of customers to select Lupoli Companies real estate developments over similar developments. For Lupoli Companies, sales in the marketplace equates to leasing commercial, residential and retail space.


Building off previous weeks activities, the girls created a flyer for their brand that included a description of the building and its amenities. They used key words throughout the flyer to create content that they thought would grasp potential customers attention. Their flyers included the logos they created during the Branding class, and they used similar amenities in their buildings as the ones during the Property Management class. All of the girls wrote an Instagram post about their building that was featured on the flyer, and they shared with the group their inspired content! The girls continue to learn and build upon the previous weeks lessons and knowledge. We are truly impressed and can’t wait to start the second half of the program next Tuesday!