Girls Incorporated of Lowell Week 6

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What an exciting week 6 we had at the Thorndike Exchange Experience Center with the girls from Girls Inc. Last week the girls learned how crucial the architecture and design of a building is to a development project and how that relates to the work of construction contractors and engineers. This week the girls learned how contractors and engineers take what architects give them and make it come alive. Demonstrating that for us this week was a project engineer from AMEC Foster Wheeler, Melinda Ferullo. Engineers play a vital role in the development of a building. They work closely with the architect to ensure that each element of the building is designed to maintain the integrity of the building and ensure that it is safe for all its occupants. Engineers work hand in hand with architects and construction managers throughout the development of a project like Thorndike Exchange, until it is complete.


Getting more hands on than previous weeks, the girls had the opportunity to construct model units based on plans designed by the architects for Thorndike Exchange. Melinda carefully walked the girls through every step of the process, again reassuring them how important it is to follow the plans exactly how the architects lay them out. The girls learned how to record the measurements on a “materials schedule” by looking at the floor plan for one of the units and understanding the layout. They then had to determine an appropriate scale for the model which came out to be 1” = 3’, and then convert the measurements on the plan to dimensions needed for the model. Equipped with a hammer, wood glue, and a measuring tape, each girl measured the different pieces of wood and determined where each piece of wood needed to by working off their materials schedule. Then construction began! Starting with the exterior walls and then building in, each girl took their time to create a model unit resembling one that will one day be a part of Thorndike Exchange’s luxury apartments. Each girl beamed with pride when they completed their model, thinking maybe one day they could be working at the construction site.


Now that they have created model units of Thorndike Exchange, they need to be able to sell them to potential tenants, which is why the job isn’t complete after the construction phase. Next week, the girls will learn about leasing from one of Lupoli Companies very own leasing agents. They will learn that even after the initial excitement of a finished project, the hard work never ends.