Week two of The Exchange Experience

Week two of The Exchange Experience took place Tuesday, July 18 at the Thorndike Exchange Experience Center. This week, Director of Brand Vision at Lupoli Companies, Jaime Chemaly, taught the girls all there is to know about developing a brand and how a brand works. Jaime compared a brand to a human finger print, saying each one is different and contains unique characteristics that make it its own. She explained to the girls the importance of branding and that so many components come together in creating a successful brand, including the website, print & digital advertising, social media & digital media, and brand voice & communication.

In this week’s hands on activity, the girls had the opportunity to create their own brand with a partner. Jaime showed the girls images of four different types of mixed-use buildings located all around the world. The girls had to come up with “the vision” for their project, a name, and a color pallet, as well as design thumbnail sketches of a possible logo. The girls came up with some great designs and can’t wait to come back next week to learn about Property Management!