The Exchange Experience

Lupoli Companies is partnering with Girls, Inc. of Lowell on an educational outreach program that uses the Thorndike Exchange project as the framework for an 8-week real estate workshop. Karen McShea, VP of Development for Thorndike Exchange, will direct the The Exchange Experience program in cooperation with Girls, Inc. The classes will be led by Lupoli Companies’ senior female professionals and will expose the girls to all facets of development from concept to completion. The curriculum will focus on Branding, Marketing, Leasing, Engineering and Construction.

Thursday, July 13th kicked off our program and the girls came ready to learn! Each girl, ages 12-14, was given a t-shirt, calculator, colored pencils and notebook and enjoyed some fresh fruit and muffins while watching “The Vibe,” Thorndike’s interactive marketing video. Karen introduced the program and focused on the importance of Real Estate Development and the various components that create a feasible development project. Karen explained her role at Lupoli Companies and what it takes to manage a project from the vision of Lupoli Companies’ CEO, Sal Lupoli, to the final product, the completion of Thorndike Exchange. The girls learned that Real Estate Development requires a variety of talents and skills and that there are a number of risks associated with development. They also participated in a number of hands-on exercises, calculating the total annual income and net operating income for the project. By the end of the class they were able to determine whether the project would be a success after a one year period.

The Exchange Experience team is excited to educate the girls of Girls, Inc. on the various skills and disciplines that go into making a Real Estate Development project successful. From architecture to engineering to marketing and branding and all the way to leasing and property management, each step along the way is important. One class down, seven to go until these girls receive their Exchange Experience Career Certificate in Commercial Real Estate!