Explore the Thorndike Exchange Experience Center

Lowell’s most anticipated mixed-use development, Thorndike Exchange is well on its way to transforming the old Thorndike Factory Mill into a thriving ecosystem of residential, commercial retail space. What better way to catch a glimpse inside this transformation than through Thorndike’s Experience Center located at 17 Shattuck Street in Lowell, MA. This innovative leasing center and community outreach location was created in collaboration with Boston Interiors and takes an immersive inside look into the development through 3D and living renderings and a virtual tour movie created by Neoscape.


Thorndike’s dynamic experience center also showcases a variety of amenities offered in our unique community, which includes physical space styling, stunning finishes and furniture from Boston Interiors. See first-hand how the original structure is being meticulously restored to offer market-rate boutique apartments, exceptional dining options and Class A office space.  Follow us on Facebook to sign up for our monthly events series which includes wine and craft beer tastings, gallery nights and seminars on wellness, floral arranging and indoor herb gardening, design workshops among others.


The Experience Center is fully staffed Monday through Friday and will be open on the last weekend of every month. Connect with us today for pre-construction promotions and sign your lease today!