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CALLING ALL jack kerouac fans

Join the fun as Lowell celebrates the 97th birthday of one of the city’s brightest literary stars at the 2nd Annual Marathon Reading of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road.

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Building Community Through Theater

From furthering education to encouraging self-expression to bringing a group together, community theater is key to creating a true sense of camaraderie in your neighborhood. 

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Celebrate the Season

Get in the spirit with these fun, festive events, all happening locally here in Lowell.


Kerouac Festival This Weekend

The 2018 Lowell Celebrates Kerouac Festival is happening now through Monday, October 8th in his hometown of Lowell. 

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INspired design floor by floor: hood

Each floor in this work, live, play development will be named for a famous person who also called Lowell home. We have already highlighted Jack Kerouac and we are now focusing on Charles Ira Hood, a national leader in medicine production in nineteenth century America. 

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INspired design floor by floor: kerouac

Each floor in this work, live, play development will be named for a famous person who also called Lowell home. We will be highlighting all of them in a series of blogs and today we are starting with Jack Kerouac.

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Girls inc. of lowell graduate

Lupoli Companies partnered with Girls, Inc. of Lowell on an educational outreach program that utilized the Thorndike Exchange project as the framework for an 8-week real estate workshop designed to inspire these girls to be smart, strategic and bold.

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lowell is getting its groove back

Change is coming to this city and change is looking pretty great. With major revitalization projects underway, Lowell’s downtown footprint is expanding with new opportunities on the horizon.

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make Memorial Day weekend plans

Celebrate the un-official start of summer with these top 3 local happenings in the city of Lowell this weekend.

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7 Things to do in Lowell This Spring

It’s time to come out of hibernation and check out all the local happenings! There are so many ways to spend a spring day in the Merrimack Valley, but we’ve rounded up the top activities in Lowell right here.

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Rolling Out the Red Carpet in Lowell

From Lowell to the Limelight, many actors, directors and personalities once called this Massachusetts town home. So, as we get ready to honor the arts at the 90th Academy Awards, see who started their walk of fame on these local streets, then experience red carpet indulgence at our exclusive Oscar Pre-Party!


Girls Incorporated of Lowell Week 8

On Friday August 25th our Girls Inc. class at the Thorndike Exchange Experience Center focused on what it means to be a leasing representative for the Thorndike Exchange project with an emphases on residential leasing. Tiana Winter explained to the girls that as a leasing consultant she interacts with potential and existing residential tenants on behalf of the landlord.


Girls Incorporated of Lowell Week 7

Week 7 of The Exchange Experience brought 10 girls from Girls Inc. to Thorndike’s Experience Center to learn about public policy and how it is important to economic development and the Thorndike Exchange project. Allison Lamey, Director of Economic Development for the City of Lowell, started the class by letting them know that as a youth she was also a member of Girls Inc! Allison then gave the girls an overview of the city and talked about her role as a city planner.


Girls Incorporated of Lowell Week 6

What an exciting week 6 we had at the Thorndike Exchange Experience Center with the girls from Girls Inc. Last week the girls learned how crucial the architecture and design of a building is to a development project and how that relates to the work of construction contractors and engineers. This week the girls learned how contractors and engineers take what architects give them and make it come alive. Demonstrating that for us this week was a project engineer from AMEC Foster Wheeler, Melinda Ferullo.


Girls incorporated of lowell week 5

This week at the Thorndike Exchange Experience Center, 8 girls from Girls Inc. came together to learn the ins and outs of Architecture and Design from Lauren Saunders, a Cube 3 Design Architect. Architects from Cube 3 are responsible for designing, Thorndike Exchange, the luxury boutique apartments and commercial and retail spaces.


Girls Incorporated of Lowell Week 4

Tuesday, August 1st, marked the halfway point of the 8-week Girls Inc. education program at Thorndike’s Experience Center. This week’s lesson focused on Marketing and Communications, taught by Paula Doucette, Director of Marketing and Communications at Lupoli Companies.


Girls Incorporated of Lowell Week 3

On Tuesday, July 25, Shaw Rosen, VP of Residential Real Estate at Lupoli Companies, taught the girls the “nuts and bolts” of Property Management. While snacking on muffins, yogurt and fresh fruit, the girls listened to Shaw explain the importance of Property Management in Real Estate Development.


week two of the exchange experience

Week two of The Exchange Experience took place Tuesday, July 18 at the Thorndike Exchange Experience Center. This week, Director of Brand Vision at Lupoli Companies, Jaime Chemaly, taught the girls all there is to know about developing a brand and how a brand works.

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The Exchange Experience

Lupoli Companies is partnering with Girls, Inc. of Lowell on an educational outreach program that uses the Thorndike Exchange project as the framework for an 8-week real estate workshop.


the new - old way of transportation

There is a sense of nostalgia and charm one gets when hopping on the Trolley in the heart of Downtown Lowell. Operated by the National Park Service, visitors or residents of the city of Lowell can ride the authentic trolleys free of cost. Covering nearly two miles of track throughout downtown, users of the trolley can start their journey at the Mack Station, conveniently located near the Lowell National Park Visitor Center.


Benefits of Living in Lowell

If you are looking to experience big city living without the associated high costs, Lowell is the place to be. Similar to Boston, Lowell is very walkable, has a number of transportation options, educational systems like UMASS Lowell and with numerous events throughout the year, it is the perfect destination for people of all ages.


The New Urban and Quality of Life

In the middle of the 20th century, Americans began leaving the city and moving to the suburbs to improve quality of life for their families.  Studies from all over the world have now acknowledged that this urban sprawl and greater dependence on the auto have largely contributed to the world-wide obesity epidemic. 

A Look Inside the Officaial Grand Opening of the Experience Center

The Experience Center is an innovative pre-leasing space that highlights all the Thorndike Exchange has to offer. Sal Lupoli addressed a large group made up of City officials and local business and residents.


Explore the Thorndike Exchange Experience Center

Lowell’s most anticipated mixed-use development, Thorndike Exchange is well on its way to transforming the old Thorndike Factory Mill into a thriving ecosystem of residential, commercial retail space.


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